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Over Ibiza

The magical Island Ibiza

Ibiza is renowned for its mystical and magnetic allure, stemming from the unique composition of its soil. The earth of Ibiza contains natural elements such as limestone, quartz, and other minerals that amplify and refine the island's energy. This energy resonates with our physical and energetic bodies on a conscious level, allowing us to immediately recognize the deep connection as soon as we set foot on this magical island. It feels like coming home!

Ibiza invites us all to embrace our true essence and connect with the deeper layers of our consciousness. With love, it compels us to ground ourselves, to connect with the present moment, and to strengthen the connection with our inner wisdom and intuition.

Come and experience a magical stay in an authentic Ibiza villa and find answers to all your questions.

With modern amenities, comfortable spaces, and stylish decor, the villa promotes a sense of tranquility and relaxation, allowing you to fully escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Location & Environment

In Santa Gertrudis, a charming village renowned for its excellent restaurants, Quinta welcomes her guests to her homely retreat. This delightful oasis offers not only a comfortable stay but also an experience of serenity amidst lush green mountains. The spacious double rooms, each equipped with a private bathroom, air conditioning, and heating, provide comfort and modern luxury.


Relax in the spacious green garden with a (heated) pool and various lounge areas. With Wi-Fi in all rooms, ample storage closets, and the shared living room offering panoramic views of the valley, your Ibiza experience is complete. And if you're renting a car, you can park it in the fenced area of the villa garden. Everything is taken care of! 



Stay with Quinta for 5 days and return home as a magnet for opportunities, success, and love.


“Where you have lost the connection with your (inner) self, Quinta knows how to restore it within 'No Time'. You will recognize again what life is. How life should be. Who you actually are in essence, where your strength lies and what your pitfalls are. In the wonderful conversations with Quinta in her garden, based on mutual respect as like-minded people, she knows how to inspire and guide you to a higher level. You come home with a backpack full of victories, inspiration and love for yourself, life and your environment!"

Anneke van der T.

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