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effortless living membership voor online coaching met Quinta Romkes

Join our monthly reunions and stay in the flow

Join our growing community of past participants and stay connected with like-minded people striving for personal and professional growth. With the unique Effortless Living Membership you enjoy a range of benefits and valuable online reunions, all for just €49 per month.

What's in it for you?

  • 3 online reunions per month: Choose from a morning session during the week, an evening session during the week and a morning session on the weekend. Always an option that suits your schedule, or just join all three if you want. ​

  • Standard access: No hassle with registrations. You will receive a permanent link with which you can always participate in the reunions. ​

  • Input and involvement: Share your questions and themes you want to discuss. We take the time for all questions and ensure that your input is heard. ​

  • 6+ hours of online guidance per month: Receive guidance on both personal and professional development, straight from the comfort of your own home. ​

  • 25% discount on private sessions: As a member of our Effortless Living Membership you will receive a 25% discount on individual 90-minute sessions, where you will receive personal guidance to delve deeper into your specific needs and goals. ​

  • The dynamics of the group: Benefit from the power of group dynamics and feel supported by like-minded people. ​

  • Responsibility: Be held accountable for your goals and actions, with the support of the group around you. ​

  • Access to the group app: Always a place for 24/7 support, questions and connection with other members. ​

  • Latest developments: Stay informed of the latest insights and discoveries in the field of personal development and entrepreneurship.

Keep flowing, keep growing!

We believe in the value of the Effortless Living Membership, but also understand that your needs may change. That is why we do not apply a notice period. If you decide to cancel your subscription, you will no longer be charged immediately after cancellation. The Effortless Living Membership of €49 per month is invoiced on the first of the month.

Join us now!

Done! Quinta will contact you within a few hours.

quinta romkes - tranformatie visionair en katalysator



“Where you have lost the connection with your (inner) self, Quinta knows how to restore it within 'No Time'. You will recognize again what life is. How life should be. Who you actually are in essence, where your strength lies and what your pitfalls are. In the wonderful conversations with Quinta in her garden, based on mutual respect as like-minded people, she knows how to inspire and guide you to a higher level. You come home with a backpack full of victories, inspiration and love for yourself, life and your environment!"

Anneke van der T.


Retreat from the ordinary world and return home as the 2.0 version of yourself.

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