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About Ibiza Retreat Resort

Ibiza Retreat Resort is the brainchild of Quinta Romkes, a driven entrepreneur with a background in cognitive psychology and expertise in human behavior and cognition. Additionally, she specializes in neuroscience, quantum physics, astrology, and is a master in working with the Law of Attraction. In 2017 left the Netherlands behind, and since 2020, she has found her home on the beautiful island of Ibiza, where she inspires and guides others in finding emotional freedom and a constant flow of happiness.

Quinta her philosophy

The essence of Quinta's exceptional retreats lies in elevating your vibrations by reducing the noise in your mind, enabling you to hear the voice of your higher consciousness once again. This allows you to tune into your intuition and consistently make choices that bring you closer to your goals, effortlessly creating the life you desire for yourself. To raise your vibrations, she employs various techniques. Old patterns that are currently sabotaging you become clear, enabling you to let them go and adopt new patterns that promote your well-being.

Kennismaking inplannen

Gelukt! Quinta neem binnen een paar uur contact met je op.

quinta romkes - tranformatie visionair en katalysator





“Where you have lost the connection with your (inner) self, Quinta knows how to restore it within 'No Time'. You will recognize again what life is. How life should be. Who you actually are in essence, where your strength lies and what your pitfalls are. In the wonderful conversations with Quinta in her garden, based on mutual respect as like-minded people, she knows how to inspire and guide you to a higher level. You come home with a backpack full of victories, inspiration and love for yourself, life and your environment!"

Anneke van der T.


Retreat from the ordinary world and return home as the 2.0 version of yourself.

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